Finance System

As the owners of an dimension-hopping ship, players will undoubtedly come across wealth an esoteric items of all sorts and likely be looking for the same. Rather than jumping through the hoops of tracking exactly how much money and trade goods each player has, along with the relative values of these items an currency across different worlds the game willy simply use an abstracted “Finances” system.

A Finance check is done using the group’s finance modifier. This can go up or down depending on the group’s actions.

When you try to acquire something you must you must make Trade Attempt. To a trade attempt make 3 Finance checks (d20 + finance modifier). Each success adds 1 to your “Trade Score” for the attempt. A failure by 10 or more reduces your trade score for the attempt by 1. The end result of the trade attempt depends on your trade score:

-3: This is a disaster. You cause damage to your finances reducing finance score by 2 and manage to upset things locally, facing a -4 penalty on finance checks locally. Multiply the highest modifier involved in the Finance checks DC by 2. There is a % chance equal to that number you are attacked, wind up in legal trouble or an otherwise horrible event befalls you as a result of the trade.

-2: You fail miserably to acquire the items. You manage to loose valuable assets in the process. Finance score is reduced by 2.

-1: You fail to acquire the items. You manage to either disturb some aspect of the local economy or upset those you were trading with. You suffer a -4 penalty on finance checks locally until circumstances change.

0: You fail to acquire the item(s). None are immediately available or their owners are unwilling to part with them. You can’t retry the check until circumstances change at some unforeseeable time.

1: You fail to acquire the item(s). However some party or avenue is open to pursue them further. After some task is completed it may wind up acquiring the items or be given a chance to retry the trade attempt.

2 or 3: You successfully acquire the items.

To set the DC of the Finance Checks

First set the Base DC of the item by type:
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Then add a modifier depending on the rarity or quality of the item:

Then the DC modified by the usability of the item:
Value table3

Then the DC is modified by how many you’re trying to acquire:
Value table4

Finally the DC is modified by how quickly you’re trying to get it:
Value table5

If you are waiting one or more trades that haven’t completed, you face a cumulative -2 penalty on finance checks for each outstanding trade. If you attempt multiple trades at once there is a -1 penalty for each trade before the first.

Finance System

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